Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday! I must admit, today was a rough day. I had a migraine ALL day. But I did manage to get my Frugal Round-up together. And you'll be glad I did. I hope so anyway. Because did I mention I had a migraine ALL day? Oh, I did? Okay. Then...I guess I better just share those links with you... First up, Twice Lovely shared this darling damask dresser. (Lovin' the alliteration there, huh?) This dresser would look perfect in my gray and white master bedroom...I'm just sayin'. Next, Counting Our Blessings shared her $40 mudroom makeover. Love. it. Seriously...$40 never looked so good.

Stillwater Story shared her Williams Sonoma shell art knock-off. So pretty.

Oakridge Revival shared her ikat stencilled bath. This is fabulous!

Finally, Hill Country Homebody shared her master bath redo. Simply stunning!

Okay, y'all. It's your turn.

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Going Ape Over Turning 4~

My baby turned 4 last weekend. 4!??! This age is a great age, though. Old enough to be somewhat self-sufficient, young enough to still want cuddles on a daily basis.

All the kiddos wanted to show you how old Mr. Three is. Mr. Three is the busiest of my four kiddos. And true to his busy nature, he had a hard time narrowing down the type of party he wanted. So, in the end, I "helped" him. I knew that last week was going to be a crazy one for me, so I wanted a party that was light on prep time. And while looking through the "party" aisle at Tar-jay a couple of weeks ago, the theme was decided for me when I saw these very cute invitations by Paul Frank. (What? Pre-made invitations? I know...so NOT me...but like I said...they're cute...AND busy week + desire for minimum prep = pre-made invites.)

I purchased these fun pre-made party hats. But, of course, they needed a little sumthin', sumthin'.

So I embellished them. This was super simple to do. I used my 3" circle craft punch to punch out these great monkey faces from some Paul Frank wrapping paper that we already had on hand. Then I just glued them on to each hat.

To add the fringe, I simply used red construction paper (which happened to be exactly the right length to wrap around each hat.) I cut 2" strips, then folded them in half and cut the fringe. To attach them to the hat, I simply stapled the bottom layer to the hat up near the fold, then folded the top layer back down to hide the staples.

For the party favors, I opted again for simplicity. I simply filled clear cellophane bags with some candy and punching balloons, then stood noisemakers on their ends so that the fun mylar came out the top of each bag, and tied them with curling ribbon and tags made from more red construction paper and monkey faces cut from the same wrapping paper.

The cupcakes followed suit. Rather than making cupcakes as I usually do, I bought them. GASP! To make them more personal, I added sprinkles, placed them inside colorful cupcake cups, and added toppers made from more of the wrapping paper. SO EASY!!!!!

To entertain this little group of 3-5 year olds, we made "sculptures" using toothpicks and marshmallows...this required a little bit of supervision, but nothing my bestie, and my two older kiddos couldn't handle.

Mr. Two eating his sculpture.

Then we played monkey-themed games including a relay race where each kiddo had to hold a banana under his chin while running the course, freeze dance (yeah, okay, so that really had no monkey theme), and red-monkey, green-monkey (the ape version of red-light, green-light).

My bestie and her cutie-pie (one of Mr. Three's besties...isn't that convenient?)

One of Mr. Three's favorite gifts...he's already worn the batteries out...no seriously.

Quite possibly the easiest party I've ever thrown...and the kiddos loved it!

Especially this kiddo...which is the whole point!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Three! We love you!!~

Behind the Scenes with Matthew Mead and Nie Nie~

Last week I had the amazing opportunity of working with Matthew Mead, the incomparable creative powerhouse behind Holiday with Matthew Mead magazine.

Along with his wife Jenny and Linda of Restyled Home, we created a beautiful photo shoot for Matthew's new Summer magazine featuring Stephanie Nielson of the Nie Nie Dialogues.

Alice Lane, one of my favorite home decor stores, was the setting for the photo shoot...and it could not have been more perfect. Stephanie, along with her lovely sisters, sisters-in-law, and close friends were the stylish models...and of course Matthew's incredible food stylings were featured as well.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was to meet and work alongside these fabulous people! So I'll show you instead...

Look at all those beautiful roses...and that's not even half of them. They were gorgeous!!

I spent quite a while prepping those babies...luckily I got to bring home some of the extras. (Ah, the perks of magazine life...)
Like I said...a lot of flower prepping. And even more food prepping...but I don't have a photo of that.

Matthew and Jenny snapping away.
Some of the lovely ladies...in their fabulous spring finery. (Those gals were dressed to the nines...let me tell you!)
A little glimpse of the pretty, pretty table setting.

Matthew snaps some photos of Stephanie.

Me and Nie Nie. Such a charming and gracious lady. So glad I was able to meet her. (I felt a bit like a groupie, I've been a fan of hers for.ev.ah.)

Here I am with Courtney (AKA C.Jane) Stephanie's sister and an amazing author and blogger! Don't ask me what that crazy grin on my face was for...apparently something was quite funny when this photo was snapped...yikes!

Not only did I get to see this beautiful photo shoot, but I got a sneaky peak of the photos for some of the other articles that will be appearing in Matthew Mead's Summer Magazine and I can tell you that you are definitely going to want to get a copy. But they are only available online. You can order yours here. And believe me, I would!

Thanks again to Matthew Mead and the gang for the chance to work alongside their awesome talent...and to have so much fun in the process!


DownEast Basics: A Great Day for a Giveaway~

This post is sponsored by DownEast Basics.

Hello my dear readers!! I am soooo excited for today's giveaway I can hardly stand it!! One of my very favorite clothing companies is DownEast Basics. I freely admit that most of what I wear is purchased there. Because not only are there clothes ADORABLE...they are AFFORDABLE as well. So when DownEast contacted me and asked if I would review one of their pieces and do a giveaway, I was thrilled. Here I am wearing the Pageant Top. I love this top because of it's assymetrical design and the fun ruffle detail! Not to mention the fact that the icy blue color made my eyes "pop"! (note to self: wear blue more often!) Here's just a small sample of the other great pieces that DownEast Basics is offering right now...
One of my very favorites...the Frosted Flowers cardi.

I love the blossom detail on the Rosy Cheeks skirt. Whimsical but elegant at the same time!

Love this vintage lace skirt...so romantic and fun!

Another favorite... the Round and Round tank. It would be fabulous with a pair of jeans and some flirty heels this summer!

Perfect for spring, this Flowerful top just makes me smile.

Here's the fun part...DownEast Basics has offered to give one reader of the Shabby Nest their choice of items from DownEast's New Arrivals! To enter just visit the New Arrivals section of their site, then come back and tell me which piece is your favorite!

For extra entries, follow DownEast Basics on Twitter, or Like them on Facebook. For extra entries to qualify, you must leave one additional comment for each. Drawing is open until Friday, April 1 at 11:59 MST. Drawing open to US residents only.

Good luck!!

This post was sponsored by DownEast Basics.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.


This Week's Ideabook on Houzz: Locker Room Chic~

This week on Houzz.com I'm talking about adding a bit of industrial design to your home through the addition of lockers. Yep, as in gym lockers.

Salvage Secrets eclectic entry

You can read the entire ideabook here.

Have a great day~


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

Without any further ado... my frugal round-up from last week.

Another group of fabulous projects to look through...here's a few of my favorites.

First up, Flamingo Toes shared her uber-fabulous silverware sunburst mirror. Ingenious!

I Heart My Glue Gun made perfect use of a small laundry space by creating a laundry pedestal...brilliant.

Okay, so I may just have a teensy obsession with chalkboards, but I adore Creatively Thinking Outside the Box's chalkboard backed kitchen cabinets!

And finally, Too Much Time on my Hands shared her PB Knock-Off clock wall art. Love. It.

Okay kiddos, it's your turn!

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The One Where I Talk About Having a Bloggy Identity Crisis~

I may have mentioned it before, but I'll say it again. I am a worrier. At any given time, I have a fairly long list of things that I am worrying about. My children, their health, finances, the hubby's slow recovery from his accident, etc. And also on that list...and perhaps this will surprise you...or you'll think it's funny...or you'll identify...is my blog. Why do I worry about my blog?

Well, let's start at the beginning. I started this blog as a creative outlet. It combined two of the things that I love to do the very most. Decorating and writing. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started blogging. But one thing I really didn't expect, is how much I would love it. Once I started getting comments and my blog started to grow, however, I really began to fall in love. And as I continued to write, and my blog continued to grow, it really became an extension of who I am.

So here I am today, over 2 1/2 years later. My blog is amazingly important to me. I have gained wonderful friends through blogging. I have learned things. I have been inspired. I have had opportunities that never would have come to me otherwise. And every day, I continue to gain friends, learn things, get inspired and gain opportunities. And now, my blog is also my source of income.

So you would think that by now, I would know exactly what to expect of my blog. You would think that I would have it down to a science. But I don't. Even after blogging for 2 1/2 years, sometimes I wonder what my blog is. How do others see it? Do I have a unique voice? Am I authentic? Do I get lost in the shuffle of all the amazingly talented decor/ diy bloggers out there?

Perhaps you would think that having blogged as long as I have, that I would be secure in my bloggy identity. But, like so many of you whose posts I have read, I find myself comparing my blog to others. I look at their fantabulous projects, their humor, their very unique perspectives and approaches to blogging, and I worry that I am mediocre at best and mundane at the worst. I worry that my blog is just one of the crowd. And I find myself spending time worrying about trying to come up with the one thing that will differentiate my blog from all of the others. That will make it stand up and be noticed!

But here's what I've decided, and what I want to share with you all today. It's not profound. It just is. When we talk about having blog identities, when we talk about being authentic, it all boils down to this. Be who you are. I need to be who I am.

I need to look at other blogs for their inspiration. But I need NOT compare myself to them. There will always be a blogger that is funnier. There will always be a blogger with better projects. There will always be a blogger with more followers, one who is featured more, one who has a lovelier home. But there will never be another blogger who is me. or you.

Sometimes I read back through my old posts and like what I see. Sometimes I read back through my olds posts and I cringe. I can't believe that I bothered to post certain projects etc. But you know what? That's okay. It's all me. And the fact that I don't always know what to expect of my blog, and that I don't have it down to a science, that's me too. I am always evolving...and my blog? It is always evolving because it is an extension of me.

So, my dear readers, I hope you will be patient with the fact that because I'm an ever-changing individual, my blog naturally follows suit. I may not be the funniest, the most eloquent, the most talented, or have the best projects to post. But I am me. And because I am the only me there is...I do have something to offer this big old blogging world. And you know what? So do you. Here's to being who we are.

Have a great day~

Fabric Flowers~

This post is sponsored by Silhouette.

This week I got my craft on. I was looking through some of my old Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazines (yes, I saved them all...) when I was inspired by a photo of a little girls bedroom with fabric flowers and books on the wall. And even though I've scoured the internet, I can't find the image - boo! (Feb-March 2007 if anyone has it.)

In any case, I thought it would be fun to do something similar in the Princess' bedroom.

First things first, I needed some fabric flowers. And I wanted them to coordinate with her room. Luckily I have some scraps of fabric left from making her bed pillows.

But then I had to figure out how I was going to make the flowers. Luckily, Silhouette sent me some of their fabric interfacing to try...so I pulled it out and followed the directions on the package. Then I just used my Silhouette machine to cut flowers right out of the fabric. Yep! You heard me right, the interfacing makes it possible to cut fabric with your Silhouette! Can I hear a "Woot Woot!"?

Since this was a hit or miss attempt (as is usually the case with my "crafting") I didn't photograph the process, but it was amazingly simple. After I cut out three flowers in varying sizes, I just gave them a little depth by pinching the back to define each petal.

Now here's where I prove I'm not a crafter. I couldn't figure out the best way to keep the pinches in place - sew them? glue them? - so I stapled them. Yes, with a stapler. Ha! But you know, it worked great and it gave each flower the 3D effect I was going for.

Then I just hot glued them together with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top.

They turned out darling! Of course, once I got them finished I realized I don't have the sort of books I wanted to use just hanging around the house (vintagey, small)..so now I'm on the lookout for some. But, once I got the flowers done I thought they were so cute, all kinds of other ideas started flitting through my head...curtain tie backs, pillow embellishments, stuck right to the wall. You get the idea.

So I'm posting these cute flowers and asking YOUR opinion...what would you do with them?

If you want to make some of your own, you're in luck!
This week (March 21-27) Silhouette is offering...

Silhouette SD, two rolls of fabric interfacing (clean cut and sewable) and one roll of flocked heat transfer material all for just $229.

If you already have a machine they're offering %25 off the interfacing!

Just use the code "SHABBY" at checkout.

Have a great day~

This post was sponsored by Silhouette.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.


Congratulations to Allie who said "How cute is this site! I just became a follower of you and Say It on the Wall!" You are the winner of the Say It on the Wall giveaway! Allie,
please email me...you left no contact info and I'd like to get you set up with your fantastic prize!
Fun stuff coming up this week, kids...
Stay tuned!


This Week's Ideabook on Houzz: It's About Time~

This week on Houzz.com I'm talking about using clocks as focal points in design. I'm currently in love with this chalkboard wall clock. Seriously. In. Love.

black kitchen wall eclectic kitchen

To see more great clock ideas, read the entire article

Have a great day!


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's Frugal Friday! I had such a good time going through last week's links! Lots of great inspiration.

For my Frugal Round-up this week...here are a few of my favorites.

First, 3 Ring Cottage shared her pretty mirror makeover. Love.

Wool, Flax & Beeswax found these beauties for only $25. See the makeover here.

Landee See Landee Do shared her pretty as a picture entry hall makeover.

Finally, Iron Violet Designs shared her Flower Chandelier. I've been wanting one of these for.ev.ah.

Now it's your turn!

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