What I Wore Wednesday

Okay Lovelies...

Today is my first installment of What I Wore Wednesday.

For this series, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the looks that I wear each week...both to work and on my days off.  It's important to me that women realize that wearing what they love is acceptable regardless of their age.

40 is not what it used to be...neither is 50, 60 or beyond.
Our age doesn't mean anything, and it makes me crazy when I see those articles that delineate what is okay to wear for women of a certain age group.

As long as your outfit is appropriate to the situation (i.e. - don't wear cut off shorts to work etc.) then choose what makes you feel beautiful, or fun, or sophisticated, or cute or whatever and make it work for you!

These photos are selfies off my phone...I promise that I will up my game as these posts continue.  I will at the very least enlist my kids to take the photos instead of taking them in the mirror in my family room.  Oh, and I'll work on posing as well.  That's definitely going to be a challenge.

But for today...Enjoy!

We'll start with our Sunday Best.  This photo was taken right after church of me and my daughter.  I'm wearing a blush pink dress from Called to Surf.  Emma is wearing an adorable white dress from Who What Wear for Target.

I admit to feeling a bit sassy on Monday.  The top is from Hope Avenue, the floral pants are from Gap Outlet and the necklace is Banana Republic Outlet.

Casual Friday found me in a check button down with a half-front tuck from Target and jeans from Old Navy.

Finally, on Saturday I went to lunch with my sisters and my dad.  It was blazing hot and I wanted to stay cool so I wore this amazing drapey maxi which I purchased from a local boutique called Koodeker and slip-ons from  the Gap Outlet.

Have a great week, Lovelies!  And remember to feel beautiful!




Studio 5: Ferns in Decor

Recently, I had the opportunity to film a segment for a local TV Show, Studio 5.
I talked about botanical prints and their recent resurgence in popularity.  In particular, I shared about Ferns and some inexpensive (virtually free) ways to incorporate them into your décor.

I shared some great freebie prints (you can find the links on the Studio 5 website) as well as a couple of easy DIY options.

Check out the video here.

This is a screenshot from the segment...loving our facial expressions. ;-)

Follow the link to watch the segment and then checkout those freebie prints that are now hanging in my master bath.  Below  ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩

Have a great day, Lovelies!




Perennials (I'm not talking about plants)

I read a very interesting article the other day which was published in The Telegraph about how women in their 40's and 50's are considered the new "ageless generation".

Now, if you read my previous post, you'll know that turning 45 this past month has really put a spin on my world.  In a good way.  I am using this birthday to catapult me toward some serious changes.  (Which I promise to discuss in future posts).

And for any of you who are at a similar stage in life, I'm sure you've thought many times about the fact that mentally, you don't feel as old as your driver's license says you are.

In my case, I feel exactly like I did in my 20's.  Thank heavens I have a bit more experience and expertise under my belt now, but otherwise, my thought processes and feelings are very much the same.  I certainly don't feel "middle aged" and as this article pointed out, "middle aged" really isn't considered a thing anymore.

The article discussed the fact that women in their 40's and 50's don't subscribe to the types of changes that they did 20 or so years ago.  For instance, it mentioned the fact that it is very difficult to tell a woman's age if she is seen from behind because women across various age ranges dress very much the same as one another.

I know this is true of me.  I even borrow my 14-year-old daughter's clothes.  (And she, of course, borrows mine).  I mentioned in a post on Instagram the other day that I have a very youthful fashion aesthetic, and I don't think that is a bad thing.  I truly don't believe that there is a certain way that a woman is supposed to dress once she hits a certain age.

The article didn't just touch on fashion, however, it also mentioned hairstyles (women don't cut their hair short once they reach their 40's and 50's as often as they once did), music, and TV shows etc.

It also mentioned the fact that because women in this age group are feeling as young and vibrant as ever, many are pursuing goals and making life changes that they wouldn't have dreamed of when younger.  THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!

The term that has been coined to describe this no-age mindset is Perennials.  Because, according to the article "Perennials are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who know what's happening in the world, stay current with technology and have friends of all ages.  We get involved, stay curious, mentor others, and are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident, collaborative, global-minded risk takers."

I honestly feel that age is just a number.  I no longer define myself by my age.  In fact, I am proud of where I am as a 40-something. I am really excited to see where I go from here.

I hope you'll join me as I share my big changes this year!




My 45th Year and Tranformation~

Hello Lovelies!

Today is my 45th birthday.
It's funny because for the past several years, actually telling people my age has been a bit difficult for me.  I have felt like being in my 40's somehow made me old.

It's not true, you know.  The number of years you have been on this planet, is just that.  A number.  And age is just a number.  It really doesn't define you.

And finally, now that I am turning 45, I've become pretty excited about it.
My 45th year is a big deal to me.

I even have a theme for this year...


I have always been a goal setter.  And this year, my big goal is essentially a total transformation!
When I say that, I don't mean that I'm going to go out and get plastic surgery.  Nope.
What I mean is that all of the goals that have been floating around in my head are finally being worked on.

I know what you're thinking.  That sounds maybe a little bit **too** ambitious.
I kind of thought so too at first.  But I've found something interesting (because I actually started this big transformation idea a little while ago).  The more ways that I am trying to change for the better, the easier it is for me to accomplish them.

I think it has to do with self-discipline.

Self-discipline is HARD.  And by no means do I consider myself to be an expert in it.  But I have found that when I am trying hard to be disciplined in one area of my life, it kind of crosses over into other areas as well.  So I figured, as long as that seems to be the case, why not work on a bunch of things at once.

And the interesting thing about that is... it actually gives me more motivation!  I am happier than I've been in quite a while  because I have so many GOOD THINGS that are occupying my time and thoughts.  And I can literally see the improvements in my life.

I'll post more about individual facets of my big year of transformation as time goes on.  And I'll share more about the individual goals and the ways they are changing my life.

But for now, I'm going to go celebrate the big 4-5 with my kiddos...





Hello Lovelies,

I'm going to wax a bit philosophical today.  I hope you don't mind.

There is a word that  has been playing on my mind for a few weeks and I feel like I need to share a little bit about it with you today.

And what is that word, you ask?


I'm not sure exactly why I have been thinking about entropy lately.  But it keeps coming to mind, and then the other day, one of the newsletters I follow sent an email out that talked about the idea of entropy, and I figured there must be a reason that it keeps coming up in my life right now.  And if it's something that needs to be thought about by me...maybe it might benefit you as well.

Entropy by definition (courtesy of Merriam-Webster) is the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system.
And the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy will only increase over time, or that all matter is constantly moving toward a state of chaos.

So, let's liken Entropy to our lives shall we?

Essentially, our lives can get way too complex and chaotic if we let them.  And it actually takes effort to keep them from getting that way.

We have to make a conscious decision to simplify our lives.  And that can take the form of many different things.

For example, as a woman and mothers, I get pulled many different directions.  And I don't know about you, but it can be very easy to feel the need to be everything to everyone.  This is quite simply unhealthy.

So rule #1 in fighting Entropy in our lives is to learn to say "NO".

I'm not advocating saying "no" out of laziness or disinterest.  I'm advocating saying "no" when we really and truly don't have the time, energy or means to take on another thing.  Don't let your personal guilt-o-meter (and trust me, I have a very strong sense of guilt) cause you to take on more than you can handle.

rule #2 in fighting Entropy in our lives is to set goals.

Goals give us things to strive for.  But goals alone will not defeat the tendency of life to get chaotic.  Rather, plans to achieve those goals will give us guidance and direction to move forward in an orderly fashion.

rule #3 in fighting Entropy is to give your energy to simplifying your life.

The thing about entropy is that it is a natural process governed by natural laws.  It is just plain easier for things to become disordered because it requires energy to put the systems in place that will keep them in order.  This is true of simplicity in our lives.  If we just sit back and let life happen to us, if we just say "yes" to everything that we're asked to do because it's easier than letting someone down, if we just hope for the best and don't set goals to make good things happen in our lives...we will slowly descend into a chaotic, crazy life that won't keep us (or our families) happy and healthy.

So that's my soap box for today, Lovelies.
Live life purposefully.  Set goals.  Work to accomplish them.  Be mindful of your needs and the needs of your family.
In short...kick Entropy's butt.


To give credit where credit is due:  Inspiration for this post came in part from the writings of James Clear.



Teen Bedroom Plans~

My oldest son is 16 - soon to be 17.  He'll be a senior next year.  I can't believe that this is likely the last year that he'll be living here at home.  I miss him already and he's still here! (Mom problems...Lol!)

We moved into Hydeaway Cottage almost 3 years ago.  And in all the time, I haven't really done anything with his bedroom.  Since this is his last year at home, I wanted to give him a really cool place to hang out.

He's a filmmaker, so when I asked him what he wanted for his room, he told me he wanted it to be movie-themed.  That can be pretty broad, and if you're not careful, extremely cheesy. So we talked about specifics and finally landed on the idea of an "Old Hollywood" feel.

We liked the idea of a Chesterfield Sofa, but his room isn't quite big enough for a sofa and a bed.  Then I remembered having seen a Chesterfield-style bed in the RH Kids catalog.  My budget for his room is next to nothing, so Restoration Hardware wasn't a possibility.  But I did find a great looking Chesterfield Daybed on Overstock.

Here is the in-process room....

The bed is going to be our big splurge for the space. The bedding on it right now is only temporary, although I really like the faux fur idea.   He wanted black walls.  I wasn't so sure about that, so we compromised and used Cyberspace from Sherwin Williams which is a dark navy-toned gray.  Once we got the color on the walls, I really started loving the lounge-y feel of the space and so did he! Now I'm working on shopping the house to create the rest of the space.

Luckily, for artwork, he wants movie posters.  And those can be found very inexpensively.  (Or we may end up using some of the ones he already has).  Either way, we'll come up with something amazing without spending much, if anything.

I'll keep you posted on the room as it comes together, but we're off to a great start!




Skin Care~

This is a sponsored post.

Hello Lovelies!

I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  I'm turning 45 (gulp.)  I'll be honest, 45 sounds kind of old to me.  And I wasn't at all happy about my upcoming age-change for quite a while.  But lately, I've had an epiphany of sorts about my age.
And in all honesty, I'm pretty excited about it.

I've decided that 45 is going to be a year of transformation for me.

I'm giving myself a makeover.  And when I say makeover, I'm not talking simply about a physical makeover - although that is certainly going to be a part of it.  I'm talking about an all-encompassing life makeover.  It's going to take into account virtually every part of my life.
And I'm going to be sharing all about it as the year goes on.

But today, I wanted to talk a little bit about skin care.  Because I'm the age I am, taking good care of my skin is very important to me.

I am trying many new things for my skin, and I'm going to share all of them in turn.  But today, I wanted to talk a bit about Rodan and Fields.

I'm sure you've heard of this company.  They're all over social media.  You've probably seen the before and after photos like I have.
And if you're like me you're intrigued by them.

I had been wanting to try their products for quite a while.  And then, a friend of mine who happens to be a Rodan and Fields distributor offered to let me try the Reverse Regimen.

I was crazy excited.  And I followed the regimen perfectly.  My opinion?

I LOVE IT!  Like really LOVE IT!!

But I felt bad because even though I took before and after pictures, I didn't feel like the photos did justice to the changes I was seeing in my own skin.
The texture change was one of the biggest.  My skin became so smooth and I really felt like it glowed.  But, I don't have a photo that really shows that change.

I will say, however, that I was so impressed with Rodan and Fields, that after I finished the Reverse Regimen, I decided to buy an Amp Roller and Night Renewal Serum.

This treatment (which I've been doing for a few weeks now) has already created visible results.  And I am really excited to share with you a before and after photo that shows these results...just look at the skin on my neck!

It's visibly firmer!  The Amp Roller is supposed to increase collagen production in the skin...and if this photo is any indication, I really think that it's doing its job.  I have also noticed a bit of a decrease in the lines on my forehead, although a before/after photo of those isn't nearly as dramatic as this one.

Now, I'm very budget conscious.  And I know that Rodan and Fields is not inexpensive.  But, I also have learned that it really works.  So, I am going to try and work it into my budget as part of my skin care routine.  And if you're interested in Rodan and Fields, please check out my friend Dawn's page.

I'll be sharing some of the other budget-friendly ways that I'm working on my skin in the next several weeks, so please stay tuned!


I was given Rodan and Field's Reverse Regimen at no cost to facilitate this review.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.